by Australia Scream

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Finally we want to present you our first EP "Heritage"


released 25 May 2013



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Southern Shelter
this is my city
this is my homewhere i grew up and spent my childhood

i will fight for you my home
i will die for you my soul

today we are here standing all together
standing for you all as one
i love you my city your surf and sea air
which feels my lungs which gives me strength

because you are the home for us and my fortress

but i wont step backthis is my hope
this is my heart
and my last chance

today we are here standing all together
standing for you all as one
those who are already in your armsthose who remain on your land forever

i will fight for you my home
i will die for you my soul

the sound of glory is following us everywhere where we
have been sometimes we are so far from our place but we
will never forget where we came from
Track Name: Itinerary
You have lost your beliefs, you have lost yourself
Every day you are climbing on broken stairs

But I will find my own path, which will bring me the final rest

Don't you hear the voice of your heart, when trying to find your home
Every day you're running on the edge, trying to catch the fortune
If I could start all again, keeping my heart with hope
I would keep myself from a breakdown, I would find my own path

Labyrinths of my life
have brought me to the unknown place
But only my best friends could help me to find new freedom

Its your last chance
To find your way
To escape from desolation
Ocean gusts will protect you from falling away

Now you are standing on the root of the mountain
One more step will break the home of the destiny

My friend you are out in cold
It is so hard I know
But we will stay with you, your friends and your reliance
Track Name: Last Day on Earth
We Where Thinking
We Will be Living Forever
But the day When all that we love will die and will be lost
What will you say after you’ll face that day
No apologies could save your soul

And our last day will come soon
And the heart of the Earth will die
Houses destroyed by the Cataclysms
Oceans filled with the blood

You see your Sun for the last time so take, take one last breath
You don’t deserve for one more chance you have killed your Earth

Your face is faded, your life is fading with your soul
You’re taking the step into fight with yourself
Oh Gods of the heaven save our sinful souls
We where thinking we are new gods of this World

But we have destroyed ourselves to satisfy our desires
Could we stop the End of the World could we avoid Armageddon
Because we so close to the end of existence

Could we awake from the dreams of the emptiness
Could we live in the heaven free from pain
Track Name: Still Alive
Why do we live in this sorrowful world
Each day brings you the pain
Each day you’re dreaming to escape from this hell
But there’s no way out

What is the purpose of our existence
I don’t want to live in the world of immorality
I don’t want to pray to the fake gods
I just want to live my own way

Would you care if im bleeding
Would you offer your help to the weak
We have forgotten who we are, we have forgotten the foundations of life
You have lost your Soul, now you’re the ghost in this world of despair

Your arms are suffering from exhaustion
How long will they be so careless
How long will indifference freezing their hearts
Until they will die one by one in the darkness

If you still alive – turn around
You may be the last one on this Earth
If you read this appeal
Never give up your dreams